3 Reasons to Plan a STEM Event

Reasons to plan a STEM event

There was the bouncy house, a princess theme, Paw Patrol, the superhero party, and then probably at least one more superhero party. Or maybe the field trip was once again to the museum, and what was that rule you went over and over again with your students? Don’t touch the stuff! No matter what the event or party, the authenticity and originality can start to get a bit stale.

Have no fear—techJOYnT is here to help. Our STEM events are some of the best in the business, and promise to be enjoyable and beneficial for kids at any age. Go off the grid with your next event, and book with techJOYnT! Once you check out the following reasons, you’re sure to see why.

1. They’re different.

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a party for your 8-year-old’s birthday or a field trip for 8th graders—STEM parties promise to bring something new to the table. Everyone will get to do something hands on, which is crucial for having an engaging, fun, and worthwhile gathering. Instead of talking about science or pretending to fight robots, participants will actually get the chance to do those things (well, depending on the party).

With a STEM birthday party, you’ll get access to a 2-hour private party where kids get to build robots (and eat cake, of course!) What other event gives the opportunity for kids to build robots? For field trips, we work directly with the teachers to create a memorable experience for any and every classroom. We strive to fit the individual needs of every student and class, while still providing a hands-on approach that best helps students construct their knowledge. No matter the occasion, kids are sure to love their experience with techJOYnT.

2. They’re fun!

Who wouldn’t love a chance to build robots or participate in game design? At techJOYnT, we believe that STEM is so much fun, and therefore design our programs to be just as fun as well. Kids will talk about this birthday party for awhile, thinking back to the time they created robots from scratch. Students will get to see all their hard work and learning pay off in not only the form of a field trip, but also in getting to a fun and relevant hands-on activity outside of school. Events at techJOYnT bring out the creative, imaginative, and fun side out of all of us!

3. They teach.

You could host a birthday party where kids are running around screaming; you could even host a birthday party that is organized and structured. But no matter what, planning a birthday party with techJOYnT is an event where everything is already taken care of, including some awesome lessons for every child to practice. Our birthday parties encourage problem-solving and team-building in the most fun of ways imaginable!

For field trips, having a hands-on event will perfectly coincide and align with the standards your class has been working on. When we want learning to stick, we need to make it relevant, as well as enjoyable. TechJOYnT can provide an activity to help your students form lasting connections and memories to strengthen their overall understanding. Not to mention, those same problem-solving and team-building techniques are still applicable!

We’re proud to serve as leaders in STEM programs, pathways, and events, and are even prouder to share our resources with you. Call us today to schedule your next event, and turn the average field trip or birthday party into something extraordinary.

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