5 Fun Ways To Avoid Learning Loss During Summer


As the summer holidays arrive, one major concern strikes parents and teachers: how to avoid learning loss? According to statistics, most kids will need several weeks to catch up once they’ve returned to school after the summer. Sometimes they even lose their confidence, as they feel frustrated and discouraged. One of the best ways to prevent learning loss and its consequences is to use academic skills during daily activities and routines. Here are some interesting ideas from the techJOYnT STEM Academy team:

1. Summer Camps!

Summer camps are always a beautiful option. Your children will not only learn but will also meet other kids and make new friends. There are plenty of camp types for every type of kid and interest. Science camps, writing camps, art camps… As you may know, at techJOYnT you’ll find STEM summer camps with fun and modern subjects like Robotics and Game Design. This may sound like an expensive option, but do you want to know a little secret? We give discounts all the time! Nevertheless, you can always search for places like parks, arts centers, museums, or outdoor theaters, which always offer free camp-like activities and programs.

2. Field trips

Going on field trips is not an activity reserved for school days only. You can always try to find which ones are available during the summer for families and friends groups. Farmers markets, ice cream factories, bakeries, historical sites, botanical gardens, zoos, art museums, science museums… Each one of those places can become an opportunity for learning if you mix the visit with other activities such as writing or making a drawing about the excursion, discussing it at home, and reading about related topics.

You can also take virtual field trips! One of the benefits of living in the internet era. Many museums offer free online tours, like this one from the Louvre, or this one from the National Museum of Natural History.

3. Do-It-Yourself activities

One classic way to fill the free time of our children is to engage them in creative and interesting projects that they can make themselves. From embroidering, knitting, sewing and other crafts, to planting a garden, making their own music video or taking photographs. The possibilities are infinite and amazing, and they will ALWAYS learn something from it as long as they get all the hands-on fun.

4. Kitchen STEM

Cooking is a great chance to practice maths through learning about fractions, measurements, volumes and numbers (while learning how to cook, of course). You can use a historical cookbook and add some history to the recipes; or use a map, prepare food from others sites of the globe, and talk about geography.

5. Entrepreneurship for kids

Encourage the kids to start their own business. It doesn’t have to be the classic lemonade stand. They can plan future business, play business-like games or sell their DIY projects over the internet. This will teach them not only about money but about responsibility while gaining self-confidence and life skills.

Our main advice? Be creative. Find your own ideas to help your children have new enriching experiences. Summer is the ideal time to learn, have fun and spend quality family time; so clear your agenda a little
bit and start having the most productive summer with these fun ways to avoid learning loss during summer!

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