What Can TechJOYnt Do For Your Child?


TechJOYnT is a learning center that specializes in STEM programs, designed to enhance the skills and interests of children between the ages of 6-14 years old. Our professional instructors connect with learners through hands-on teaching methods, giving students the opportunity to learn with today’s technology. TechJOYnt offers more than STEM workshops—there are classes suitable for every young mind like video game design, robotics, app development, and computer programming. Children’s learning is our passion, but we understand the importance of family, and offer memberships for families to learn and grow together.



TechJOYnT has a variety of classes that engage learners in the fields that interest them the most. We are well into the 21st century and technology is a constant change—and the way we see it there is now an enormous gateway of possibilities for young minds to brighten their future. Our classes teach students how to code and design video games, electronics, app development, and robotics, and ultimately bring their ideas to life. Every time a child overcomes a challenge and achieves their goal, we know we have done our job and the reward is priceless.



Learning is fun—and we want to spread the JOY any way we can! TechJOYnT has opened our doors to schools and institutions looking for a memorable field trip. Contact us to speak with our education consultants and customize your class’s next field trip.

Bowling, laser tag, and play places make great birthday parties—but where else can your child and their friends learn to build a robot? Better yet, interact with a humanoid? TechJOYnT will be sure to make your child’s birthday party one to remember!

The next time your child is begging for quarters to spend at the arcade, consider an evening at techJOYnT! We will occupy their eager minds with engaging video games and access to all of our GEAR materials at Game Night. Fun learning is the best kind of learning!


Bringing It All Home

Not every child learns the same way. Some students require individual attention while others would rather learn independently, and we welcome all types of learners! At techJOYnT, we want to reach as many young minds as possible. Which is why we offer a home-based enrichment program for students who are homeschooled. Our instructors prepare a customized curriculum for your child to practice STEM learning courses while learning from professional mentors.

Create. Tinker. Learn. That’s our motto. We strive to engage young learners and inspire the next generation to be the best they can be through hands-on learning, and build a strong future for tomorrow’s innovators. TechJOYnT’s STEM workshops, computer programming, robotics classes, videogame design, homeschool and after-school courses have all been designed to develop the skills children require for their present and future success. Our instructors are committed to providing the best educational opportunities to learners by continuously staying up-to-date with today’s technology that our students will learn on. In addition to the technical and practical skills children acquire, parents will see a surprising improvement in their child’s social abilities and the confidence they gain from our workshops.


TechJOYnT has so much more to offer than just STEM courses. We welcome you to come be apart of our JOY and give your kids what they need. Enroll in a membership today!



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