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What Can TechJOYnt Do For Your Child?

  TechJOYnT is a learning center that specializes in STEM programs, designed to enhance the skills and interests of children between the ages of 6-14 years old. Our professional instructors connect with learners through hands-on teaching methods, giving students the opportunity to learn with today’s technology. TechJOYnt offers more than STEM workshops—there are classes suitable […]

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Top 10 Qualities Of The Perfect STEM Program For Your Child

At techJOYnT we know for sure that as STEM education has the power to impact everyone in this world; it is crucial to achieve success. It prepares kids for the technological innovations they will undoubtedly experience in their lifetime. It is our job as parents to encourage our children to try their hands at STEM […]

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Common Myths About STEM Programs

One of the biggest buzzwords of the past several years in the world of education, STEM has been blowing up the scene, making everyone rethink our approach to science and technology. It’s a term used quite often, and many schools are making the push to focus on integrating STEM into classrooms and curriculum. Yet some […]

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3 Reasons to Plan a STEM Event

There was the bouncy house, a princess theme, Paw Patrol, the superhero party, and then probably at least one more superhero party. Or maybe the field trip was once again to the museum, and what was that rule you went over and over again with your students? Don’t touch the stuff! No matter what the […]

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STEM vs. STEAM Programs

While many educators, program leaders, and parents alike enjoy all that STEM has to offer, there are a good number of critics who feel differently. The acronym for “Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math,” STEM has grown in popularity over the past few years, but not without its share of criticism. One of the biggest complaints […]

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The Advantages of a Constructivist Approach to Education

STEM has become a popular buzzword in the educational field. Anything that focuses on science, technology, engineering, and math has increasingly seen attention, and many schools are making a push towards STEM curriculum. However, there exists a lesser-talked about (but equally important) term of “constructivism,” which shares common parallels with all things STEM. Read on […]

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7 kid inventors that created amazing things for society

From toys to amazing apps, these 7 kids inventors created awesome things without necessarily having the best grades at their schools nor nearly the tools a STEM learning center like techJOYnT could give them, proving once and for all that creativity and passion are actually some of the best skills to learn. Read on to find […]

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The GREAT Academy is focusing on STEM education, but what sets them apart from other schools is their unique GEAR program (Game design, Electronics, App development, and Robotics) provided by techJoYnT Academy.

The GREAT Academy is a public charter high school, located in Albuquerque, New Mexico serving students in grades 9-12 whose mission is to ensure that its students Gain Real-world Experience through Active Transition. This school embraces a unique, one-of-a-kind business-school model. The school has a business and college-prep focus. Its unique hybrid curricular model includes […]

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techJoYnT’s Aftershool Robotics Program Successfully Engages Oakdale Students

“Oakdale students picked up on robotics very quickly,” said Bryan Sekine, techJoYnT instructor. “By the second week, we already had a few teams that have completed an objective and by week 4, almost every team has completed multiple objectives.” Students range from grades Pre-K through the 8th grade and are attending an eight-week Robotics program […]

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