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Top 5 Games and Apps for Kids 2017

At techJOYnT STEM Academy we know that kidѕ sure еnjоу lоng vасаtiоnѕ from thеir schools аt different times оf the уеаr, according to the adverse climactic соnditiоnѕ in thе various соntinеntѕ. But thе раrеntѕ are аlwауѕ frеtting over hоw tо utilizе this lоng break frоm thе ѕtriсt school сurriсulum in the mоѕt effective wау fоr […]

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7 kid inventors that created amazing things for society

From toys to amazing apps, these 7 kids inventors created awesome things without necessarily having the best grades at their schools nor nearly the tools a STEM learning center like techJOYnT could give them, proving once and for all that creativity and passion are actually some of the best skills to learn. Read on to find […]

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techJoYnT’s Aftershool Robotics Program Successfully Engages Oakdale Students

“Oakdale students picked up on robotics very quickly,” said Bryan Sekine, techJoYnT instructor. “By the second week, we already had a few teams that have completed an objective and by week 4, almost every team has completed multiple objectives.” Students range from grades Pre-K through the 8th grade and are attending an eight-week Robotics program […]

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