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  • We offer a vast catalog of courses classified by grade levels, learning pathways, how and when they are offered for your ease of finding what you are looking for. Although we primarily serve kids from 7 to 14 years, we have a little something inquisitive for minds of all ages. Our learning programs recognize progression through awarding of points and digital badges to keep things interesting.

    Grade levels

    Something for all ages

    Archimedes (K, 1st, 2nd)

    This is a group of kindergarten, first, and second graders. We lovingly refer to them as our Archimedes group.

    Bernoulli (3rd & 4th)

    This is a group consists of third and fourth graders. We fondly refer to them as our Bernoulli group.

    Curie (5th & 6th)

    This group contains fifth and sixth graders. We warmly refer to them as our Curie group.

    DaVinci (7th & 8th)

    This is a group consistent of seventh and eight graders. We respectfully call them our Davinci group.

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    G.E.A.R. Pathways

    Connecting pathways to kids interests

    Students will have the opportunity to create classic 2D games and learn the basics of Game Development. Through activities like puzzle building and creative problem solving, we unlock brain pathways that direct critical thinking. With programs like Game Design, techJOYnT aims to combine form with function and add art to the STEM acronym (STEAM).

    As they progress, students will learn more advanced concepts of Game Design in this course, and have the opportunity to begin 3D modeling. This class will be using 3D modeling software, learning basic audio engineering, and start creating concepts for their very own video game characters.

    At techJOYnT Academy, we wanted to take the study of Electronics to a new level. That’s why we decided to team up with National Instruments to use their myDAQ systems.

    MyDAQ stands for My Data Acquisition. What is Data Acquisition? It’s the process of measuring an electrical or physical phenomenon such as voltage, current, temperature, pressure, or sound with a computer. A DAQ system consists of sensors, DAQ measurement hardware, and a computer with programmable software. Compared to traditional measurement systems, PC-based DAQ systems exploit the processing power, productivity, display, and connectivity capabilities of industry-standard computers providing a more powerful, flexible, and cost-effective measurement solution.

    App Development is the development of applications that can work within the limitations of a mobile operating systems and its hardware components. In app development students will learn how to communicate with computers using programming languages.

    Students will be exposed to a wide array of acronyms that must be learned in order to be sufficiently fluent in some programming languages. While there are multitudes of programming languages, this class we will focus on the fundamentals of a Object Oriented Programming languages as well as Java.

    Robotics is a field of ever-increasing popularity, as students get to combine their knowledge of programming with hands-on construction of robots. The idea of designing your own robot and programming it to perform any task you want is simply irresistible!

    Students will use input and output devices and produce a simple set of sequential instructions linking cause and effect. They use scientific inquiry process when gathering and analyzing data sets. They integrate math and science using physical constants, units of measurement, coordinate systems, min, max, mean, and linear formulas. The students will solve the Challenges by controlling the movements of their robots. For each challenge the students are given a simple set of rules, a mission and a scoring system.

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    Course Formats

    Multiple formats. Your place or ours?

    After school enrichment

    Whether you are a home/private/public school parent or a school administrator we have an after school STEM enrichment program for you.

    Competition coaching

    Do your kids already participate in after school STEM programs and need a little help or looking to join an existing team we can help. Our memberships on site provide multiple opportunities to take part in the competition you love. We have coaching resources to help you succeed.

    Four hour adventures

    Field trips to techJOYnT are a perfect way for schools and community organizations to immerse your students in a customized STEM learning adventure.

    Mobile labs for schools and community organizations

    If you can not come to us we can come to you with our mobile labs. Get in touch and this can make your student’s time will spent with out the added cost of transportation.

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