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About us

Field Trips

We provide field trip opportunities to our learning centers. Field trips are customized to your individual classroom needs and provide for a memorable field trip experience for your students. Contact us to schedule a field trip and discuss with one of our education consultants of how to construct the right field trip learning experience for your class. Contact us

Professional Development Workshops

We provide special programs and events for parents and educators of our tinkerers too, including education consultancy and classroom workshops! Meet our education consultancy specialists who have experience in developing and instructing learning programs within schools, museums, community outreach programs, special events, and more. They will help you achieve your STEM goals inside the classroom using our knowledge and experience in STEM instruction. Contact us

STEM Camps at Satellite Locations

Give your students an engaging, unique opportunity and spark their interest in STEM learning at your school through our STEM Mobile Labs. We bring our state-of-the-art classroom equipment and certified techJOYnT mentors directly to you and your students. We have experience in implementing STEM programs in the classroom on both a short-term and long-term schedule and have worked with many schools and community organizations to help them with grant funding for the programs. We’ll help you get the grant funding you need for the programs. We also provide a turnkey STEM delivery and reporting system for you to use in reporting to your grantors.   Learn how you can ignite your students’ passion for learning through techJOYnT! Contact us

Work Study

Give your high school or college students a boost in starting their future careers through our work studies and internships for high school and college students. We offer several different internship programs from education to business career interests, including internships that offer students a real-world experience in a STEM profession!   Help your students succeed before they even enter the career force through techJOYnT! Contact us to recommend a student you believe would benefit from our work study program. Contact us


Our students were very engaged in this program. Attendance and participation were really great. When the program ended, the students were disappointed. There have been several who have asked, if we can offer this program again.
Crutcho Public Schools Instructor
“Students they truly enjoyed their time not just with the technology but with the instructors as well...It was easy for them to form natural relationships among each other and with the mentors as they guided them through the various lessons. Most of all I think what they enjoyed most was the development of their own projects. Having something tangible at the end of the program really helped in showing them what their hard work accomplished.”
Neil Plemons, Metro Technology Center