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Video games

Interested in writing stories or playing computer games?


Game Design programs are designed to teach tinkerers the basics of game design, learn programming and development codes, and how to tell stories through creating their own computer games!

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Cool gadgets

Interested in learning how things work or how to fix a computer, TV, mp3 player, and other tech, gadgets, and gizmos?


Electronics courses are built to teach tinkerers all the basics of electrical and physical phenomena such as voltage, current, electrical circuits, and more to help learners explore and understand the inner workings of technology!

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Mobile apps

Interested in knowing how to create a fun app like the ones you already use or want to create a helpful app for your friends or parents?


App Development courses are built to teach tinkerers how to communicate with computers, tablets, and phones through coding and then learn how to make their own simple apps!

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Robots rock

Interested in building your own robot friend?


Robotics courses are designed to teach tinkerers engineering principles and how to use engineering design processes to create their own robots and then program the robots to complete missions!

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I liked that I actually got to learn how to program a robot. I know what I want to be when I grow up now. I really enjoyed this call, do not change anything!!

Madeline, 8th grade. Intro to programming

I like learning about robots or technology and learning was easy to understand in this class. The teachers are nice.

Kendrick, 8th grade. Intro to programming