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About us

Age Groups

We teach all our young tinkerers at an academic competency that is appropriate for their current stage of development. Every kids coding program is offered to each age level. Our youngest tinkerers focus on discovery and engaging their curiosity, while older age groups focus on developing competency and inspiring their creativity in problem-solving skills within their chosen GEAR pathway. Each age level is provided with STEM academic challenges that complement what they are being taught in the classroom. Learn More

GEAR pathways

Through our GEAR (Game Design, Electronics, App Development, and Robotics) learning pathway, young tinkerers individual passions, interests, and hobbies are connected to STEM skills to help instill a lifetime interest in STEM. Each GEAR program connects theory and practice, develop teamwork and communication skills, and gain a higher level of motivation and interest in technical career paths. Kids learn how to work in teams and how to manage a project from start to finish—teaching them time management and project management skills along with other professional and social skills. The skills they learn today will prove valuable throughout their lives. And, because they are learning STEM in a hands-on way, they are having fun! Learn More


Young tinkerers are motivated outside of the classroom with our online learning platform where they can level up their skills through interactive quizzes and challenges. Children and parents can see their progress, scores, and tips on how to improve their learning strategies for a lifetime of educational success! Learn More


The teachers were very good at introducing the subject and keeping the student's attention.
Ann Hadrava. Game Design: Intro to 2D Games
Your patience and ability to keep the children focused is amazing. They loved it!
Susan Brock. Game Design: Intro to 2D Games