Our Services

  • Professional Services

    Customized learning design and development for organizations of all sizes
    • Curriculum Development

      We develop project based STEM learning curriculum using the latest tools and technologies.

    • LMS Design and Customization

      We have an expertise in developing customized learning environments for schools and corporate training.

    • Reporting and Analytics

      We can provide insights with our data analysis on complex sets & provide you dynamic reports about your learners.

    • Cloud hosting of learning platforms

      Looking to implement a cloud hosted solution. We provide hosting and manage your LMS so you can focus on teaching.

  • Client segments

    Our customized learning solutions are for
    • Homeschool Groups

      Gives homeschooled children the opportunity to practice hands-on STEM learning and to have access to mentoring from today’s professionals.

    • K12 Schools

      Thanks to our Mobile STEM Lab, we can bring our state-of-the-art equipment directly to your location to deliver our courses to your students!

    • Youth Organizations

      Youth organizations needing a turnkey STEM delivery and reporting system to report to their grantors.

    • Corporations

      Businesses looking to develop training for their staff or the community schools also utilize our domain expertise to make training interesting

    • K12 parents

      K12 parents looking to hone their kid’s problem solving skills hire us for either one-on-one consults or opt-in for group sessions

    • Internships

      An option for college and high school students looking to gain real world experience through internships

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