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Our Team

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    Ramier “Ray” Shaik

    Founder and CEO

    Ray is a mechanical engineer and the father of four tinkerers who also happens to be an excellent and caring business manager, with many successful projects in his resume — He’s even the founder and CEO of another company, Nowsoft! He was a key leader in the creation of the GEAR learning platform and in designing and implementing our online learning system. As adjunct faculty at the University of Central Oklahoma, Ray also provides academic and professional insight into the continual research development and improvement of all techJOYnT™ curricula and learning materials. His dream to inspire young minds to transform from passive technological users to passionate content innovators through joyful STEM learning is the driving force behind the techJOYnT™ team.

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    Dorysmar “Dorys” Moreno

    Head of Finance

    Dorys is our marketing strategies mastermind, but you’ll be surprised to know she also has over ten years of experience as a materials engineer and project manager. Dorys handles all administrative and human resources needs for techJOYnT™ and is also the person we can always count on to make all our programs, events, and camps happen successfully while still managing to stay on top of all our marketing initiatives. She is the mother of two tinkerers and will soon be the owner and director of one of the first techJOYnT™ learning center franchises located in Texas.

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    Jean Paul “JP” Tugirimana

    Head of Operations

    JP is not just a computer engineer; he also has a great deal of experience in technology, teaching, and education consultancy. School programs, camps, events, and conferences have been his main area of expertise, but it’s all of his diverse teaching experiences combined that play a vital role in designing techJOYnT™ curricula and providing the best professional development training to our superstar team of instructors, coaches, and mentors. Plus, JP brings to the table his expertise in designing and providing professional development training, workshops, and education consultancy to educators and parents of the community through techJOYnT™ pro services. JP is also our lead course instructor and an incredible mentor for every student at the first techJOYnT™ learning centers.

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    Heather Flynn

    Director of Copywriting & Content Management

    Heather is terrific with research, writing, and editing for education and related subjects. She has over ten years of academic and professional experience in these career fields, she also has a master’s in library and information science and studied in a doctorate of communication and information program for several years before launching her own editing business. Heather really likes to actively engage in learning and professional development opportunities while being a community education advocate and a proud aunt to three active little tinkerers. She desires to help all children discover their potential and their individual passion for social impact through educational and professional development opportunities, which is why she enthusiastically provides her diversified set of professional skills and insight to techJOYnT™.

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    Andreina Casado

    Director of Digital Marketing

    Andreina is superb with content, communications, and social media, which makes her a great team leader for our team’s online marketing strategies here at techJOYnT™. Founder of her own content agency, she’s a cool leader in love with digital marketing and copywriting, plus a firm believer of kids deserving a new way of learning and happily busy being the mother of two baby tinkerers. Andreina is a passionate techie, a natural blogger, and advertising professional who wants to change the world.

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    Chetan Parekh

    Director of Learning Design & Development

    Chetan is a technocrat wizard in designing innovative business solutions, with a bachelor’s in commerce and a master’s in computer application. Skilled in cloud computing, information management, system architecture design, application development, security audits, performance optimization, continuous integration, and delivery, he is an enterprise and IT architect with over eight years of management experience. Chetan not only comes to techJOYnT™ with a personal passion to reform education through emerging technologies, but also with sharp insight in creating technological solutions to everyday business challenges and encouraging a culture of superstar teamwork, mentorship, and training through his own proven leadership expertise.

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    Muhammad Hassan

    Director of Bookkeeping Services

    Hassan is a pro in accounting and bookkeeping skills, especially in bookkeeping, basic accounting, general accounting, financial accounting, financial reporting, account receivables, payables, and bank reconciliation. Hassan has four years of experience as an accountant. He has worked with QuickBooks and has also provided services for several other companies of varied interests and market regions throughout the globe from New York to Virginia to California, to the U.K. to India. From trading to medical to food to software and more, Hassan has served as a bookkeeper for many different industries throughout the years and now brings his adaptable financial skills and wide-breadth knowledge of industries and markets to effectively manage the techJOYnT™ accounting system.