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Our Values

techJOYnT seeks to engage young learners to embrace their tinkering and inspire the next generation to enjoy learning. Our learners will retain academic concepts as well as build problem-solving skills through inquiry-based instruction and social engagement. Our values remain the cornerstones of all our programs and events.


  • We are a team and work together to accomplish all our goals.
  • We are dedicated to advancing STEM education and professional opportunities to all young tinkerers.
  • We believe all educational and professional success begins with nurturing and encouraging each child’s individual learning success.
  • We believe educational and professional success is a growth process, and we should be there every step of the child’s future.
  • We believe our team does not only consist of techJOYnT employees, instructors, franchisees, and partners, but also every young tinkerers’ parents, teachers, community leaders, and STEM and education advocates and will continue to provide opportunities to the community so they can also effectively encourage each child to succeed through techJOYnT.
  • We will continue to learn, research, and develop all of our programs and events to make sure we provide the best of educational opportunities to all young tinkerers.
  • We will always provide access and mentorship of today’s STEM professionals to all of the tomorrow’s innovators.
  • We honor and acknowledge the individual and group professional skills learned through our programs, competitions, and events, so each young tinkerer will be recognized for their present and future success.
  • We share our experiences with others through our foundation, franchises, and partnerships.
  • We provide gamified hands-on learning™ in all we do.
  • We always bring joy to learning!


“Through techJOYnT’s GEAR platform, students connect theory and practice, develop teamwork and communication skills, and gain a higher level of motivation and interest in technical career paths. Kids learn how to work in teams and how to manage a project from start to finish—teaching them time management and project management skills along with other professional and social skills. The skills they learn today will prove valuable throughout their lives. And, because they are learning STEM in a hands-on way, they are having fun!” – Ray Shaik, Our Founder and CEO


It all started within a library, with our founder providing a high-end robotics workshop to children in the community and his young children helping him envision and transform the workshop into a weekly meetup STEM learning program and now techJOYnT aspires to change the future of STEM learning and professional opportunities, one child at a time…


“Kids are really hungry for these kinds of STEM activities. We are helping the next generation of the workforce, but we are also ensuring kids don’t lose their dreams. Each day children excitedly charge into our techJOYnT academies, immediately getting to work on programming their robots, creating their apps, adding designs to their video games, and so much more. Children can get very excited when you teach to them in a way that stirs their imagination.” – Ray Shaik, Experienced Engineer, Educator, and Founder of techJOYnT