How To Put Parental Control On Devices During Summer


Summer is already here; the sun, the sweating, the longest school holidays, and the kids wandering around the house without anything to do are some of the things that come with it. You feel probably worried about what your kids would decide to do with their free time, most of all if you have to work and leave them home alone.

What would they watch on Netflix when you are not around? What sites would they visit on the internet? Which types of movies and shows would they choose? Would they stumble upon something that is just wrong for little kids?

While it is something that may look quite difficult to control, there are actually several apps, websites, and programs to help you monitor your children’s activities on their devices during this summer. Let’s check some of them:

KidLogger: Block dangerous content

KidLogger offers parental control for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and even Linus. The program will monitor activity on the network and applications, track calls, create application access schedules, block applications, read messages (on Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, etc.), listen to phone calls, view photos, take screenshots, provide you with analytics of usage time of applications and web-addresses, and check the analytical usage of the device during the day. It also allows for invisible mode and password protection.

Webcurfew: Control the use of Internet at home

Webcurfew is a free online service that identifies any device in your home that uses your Wi-Fi and allows you to deny or grant internet access privileges those devices. It works by remote-controlling your router according to your specifications. It is perfect for setting clear rules on the internet usage in your home, as you can block unwanted content and program schedules (choosing the times of the day the internet will be turned off or on). Webcurfew also has reports that inform you what your internet is being used for.

Mobicip: Supervise all content

Mobicip is another web-based parental control tool that supervises all types of devices and platforms: iOS, Mac, Android, Windows, Chromebook, Galaxy, Kindle, Nook. It allows managing of multiple users, with several devices associated to each of them. You can set different types of control for each user. You can also monitor apps and browsing history, blacklist certain categories, words or websites, and set time limits.

NetNanny: Make all devices child-safe

NetNanny is a software bundle that allows you to get internet protection for every device in your household. It’s available for Mac, iOS, Windows, and Android. NetNanny filters internet content (block, warn or allow), sets specific limitations for multiple users, supervises your kid’s social networks activities (like friends, pictures, and posts), manage time and mask vulgar language.

It’s not impossible to keep an eye on your kids’ use of the internet, providing both protection and control while they entertain and educate on their holidays. Nevertheless, remember that no tool can substitute you on the task of parenting.

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