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Gamified learning has been a proven teaching strategy in both education and professional training. It has also been used by a lot of popular apps to teach productive habits and behaviors. For children, gamified learning works well because the learning platform interacts like a video game. By “leveling up” on their skills, achieving “online badges,” and being able to share their online achievements with friends, their confidence when learning improves and encourages them to continue practicing and learning new skills so they achieve more.


Young tinkerers are motivated outside of the classroom with our online learning platform where they can level up their skills through interactive quizzes and challenges. Children and parents can see their progress scores and tips on how to improve their learning strategies for lifetime educational success.


The system also allow learners to interact with peers and mentors online, allowing them to meet and connect with more people that have similar interests to them and will encourage them to continue to learn.

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The teachers were very good at introducing the subject and keeping the student’s attention.

Ann Hadrava. Game Design: Intro to 2D Games

You did such a great job keeping the kid’s attention and teaching them!

Jill Reseter. Game Design: Intro to 2D Games