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Game nights

We offer game nights and lock-ins for local learning tinkerers throughout the year. Come to a game night or lock-in and have access to all classroom materials used during GEAR programs, as well as access to our TVs to play multiplayer video games. techJOYnT game nights and lock-ins give the students some extra time to bond as a community of STEM learners and meet other tinkerers like them, plus tinkering parents, families, and friends can join in on the fun!

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Our son had a wonderful time at techjoynt. JP is a fantastic instructor and Ben learnt a lot with him. Ben is thinking of joining techjoynt during the year or doing another camp, maybe in the summer. We really thank techjoynt for such a wonderful experience.


Our students were very engaged in this program. Attendance and participation were really great. When the program ended, the students were disappointed. There have been several who have asked, if we can offer this program again.

Crutcho Public Schools Instructor