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What’s better than a joyful learning tinkerer member? A family of joyful tinkerers! Enjoy special access and more GEAR learning opportunities by becoming a tinkering family member at your local techJOYnT! Each tinkering family receives up to three badge access codes to our online learning system to enjoy online techJOYnT STEM learning opportunities throughout each month. Then, stop by your techJOYnT learning center during membership extended hours, plus get access to annual STEM competitions and competition participation support through techJOYnT mentors for your active tinkerer throughout the year.

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I learned new ways to draw and I found out I could draw. Shan and Wes are very good teachers, they are nice, funny and everything! I wish I can be in their class next year!

Candice, 7th grade. Aerial Robotics

I like learning about robots or technology and learning was easy to understand in this class. The teachers are nice.

Kendrick, 8th grade. Intro to programming