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About us

STEM learning

We wish to empower every child to transform from passive technology users to passionate innovators and encourage them as they become tomorrow’s leaders through joyful STEM learning opportunities.


We provide weekly memberships, programs, workshops, camps, events, field trips, and more at techJOYnT learning centers. Plus, our online learning platform allows for learners to continue to engage in learning outside of the techJOYnT classrooms with other techJOYnT tinkerers!

  • Boost

    Programs progress from introductory to advanced levels in each GEAR (Game Design, Electronics, App Development, and Robotics) learning pathway to help young tinkerers with little to no previous experience become confident in their knowledge and skills at their own pace.

  • Hands-on

    Young tinkerers have access to sophisticated, high-end technology and equipment in all techJOYnT programs! By practicing their skills with professional technology, our tinkerers gain real-world, career developing STEM experiences at a young age.

  • Achieve

    Young tinkerers are rewarded for their accomplishments through competitions, events, and resume/profile documentation of their finished projects, ensuring each of our tinkerers a bright future as tomorrow’s innovators.

  • Gamified

    Young tinkerers are motivated outside of the classroom with our online learning platform where they can level up their skills through interactive quizzes and challenges. Children and parents can see their progress scores and tips on how to improve their learning strategies for lifetime educational success!

  • Connected

    Young tinkerers build a lifetime of friendships and social belonging in STEM education through meeting peers with similar interests, participating in teamwork competitions and events, and interacting in individualized career mentorship guidance from techJOYnT certified coaches.

  • Accomplish

    Young tinkerers acquire and develop essential 21st century professional and social skills through our interactive programs, including time management, teamwork, leadership, problem solving, and adaptability.



The teachers were very good at introducing the subject and keeping the student’s attention.

Ann Hadrava. Game Design: Intro to 2D Games

You did such a great job keeping the kid’s attention and teaching them!

Jill Reseter. Game Design: Intro to 2D Games