Top 10 Qualities Of The Perfect STEM Program For Your Child


At techJOYnT we know for sure that as STEM education has the power to impact everyone in this world; it is crucial to achieve success. It prepares kids for the technological innovations they will undoubtedly experience in their lifetime. It is our job as parents to encourage our children to try their hands at STEM subjects by enrolling them in STEM programs throughout their school years. Initially, they do not need to think of it as a career prospect right away but more as a daily dose of creative booster, but, how to identify the perfect STEM program for your child? Read on to find out their top qualities.

1. Integrated content

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics are approached from real world perspectives. Even fine arts, social studies, and language are integrated into the framework to appeal to a broader range of learners. STEM versus STEAM programs is actually a new topic of interest widely discussed among educators.

2. For every student

Effective STEM programs engage and inspire students. It appeals to students’ interests and abilities by accommodating a wide variety of learning styles.

3. Next generation skills

Problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication, and time management should be promoted and taught in every STEM program.

4. Individualized learning

As mentioned above, every STEM class fine tunes its framework to accommodate students with different learning abilities and should offer personalized learning relevant to the interests and experience of each student.

5. Project-based learning

Students learn better through hands-on and minds-on projects. STEM programs should motivate its learners to make inquiries and provide solutions.

6. Assessments

All assessments need to be authentic. The perfect STEM program provides a whole set of professionals who can offer every child the best support possible as well as real-time coaching.

7. All-rounded learning system

Every element of a STEM program, including hardwares, softwares, kits and equipments, curriculums, assessments; and the teaching methods should focus on the development of your child.

8. Adaptive Technology

Standard technological tools are always used. Firstly, these should be in the hands of the students and not just teachers, administrators or service providers. Secondly, a STEM class should be adaptive to technological changes.

9. Teaching

As teachers assume the role of a facilitator; students are automatically empowered to take responsibility of their learning.

10. Sustainability

Regular updates and ongoing development will sustain a STEM program for years! If a STEM Academy loses the boat, it will loose its purpose.

Now that you know the top 10 qualities of a perfect STEM program, go ahead and find the one that may suit your young tinkerer! It will be a truly valuable investment for your child’s future. Check our online store for some awesome STEM programs with subjects like Game Design, Electronics, App Development and Robotics.

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