NHE Robotics & Game Design Workshop

NHE after school STEM workshop edmond oklahoma

Is your kid in Nichols Hills Elementary? Then let him or her become a STEM expert with techJOYnT’s after-school workshops! Monday for Game Design or Wednesday for Robotics, from 3:30 PM to 5:00 PM.

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About This Course

In game design, students design and create games. They learn computer programming skills, problem solving, and critical thinking. Students use their creativity and imagination to create their own unique and original games.

In robotics, students build and program robots. They use the engineering design process to build their robots and they program them to move, pick up cans, avoid obstacles, follow a line, go through a maze, use sensors, etc.

Our delivery approach is student-centered and progressive. New students start with the basics and returning/experienced students learn advanced skills. Students are assigned projects to work on based on their grade level, interest, and prior experience.

Course Objectives:

Students will…

  • Learn STEM principles, such as design, create, test, and improve
  • Learn computer science concepts and terminology, such as functions…
  • Acquire coding skills and develop more interests in computer programming
  • Enhance creativity and problem-solving skills by completing various challenges
  • Feel a sense of accomplishment after starting and finishing a project
  • Have fun learning 21st century skills


Must be able to use a computer. All equipment and software are provided.

Course Staff

All our instructors have an engineering or computer science background.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a curriculum?

Yes. There is a progressive curriculum mapped to science and math standards multiple levels, and each level takes an average of 16 hours to finish. Students are always being challenged and learning new skills.

Do students work on projects individually or in teams?

We encourage students to work in teams of two or three to learn team work and collaboration skills, but students are welcome to work individually if that’s their preference.

Is there a specific tool or equipment a student needs to bring to class?

No. Computer, software, and other class materials are provided by techJOYnT.

Additional Information

In Pathway

Game Design (Mondays), Robotics (Wednesdays), Both (Special Price)

Class Start

Monday 3:30PM, 01/14/19, Wednesday 3:30 PM, 01/16/19

Class End

Monday 5:00PM, 02/25/19, Wed. 5:00PM, 02/27/19

Estimated Effort

1:30 hour/week
3:00 hour/week

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