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Grade level

  • Archimedes (K, 1st, 2nd)

    Our Archimedes Tinkerers’ potential for future innovative solutions and discoveries is channeled in by encouraging their problem-solving skills in creative, fun ways of building and tinkering to discover how things work. Whether they build a bridge out of Legos or design the next space shuttle, their imagination will become the gateway to their potential and endless possibilities!

  • Bernoulli (3rd, 4th)

    Our Bernoulli Tinkerers’ curiosity is encouraged as students ponder and tinker with the mechanics of how things work. “Why this?” and “How come?” questions of elementary school students become “I know how this works!” and “Let me show you how!”

  • Curie (5th, 6th)

    Our Currie Tinkerers’ emerging interests and strengths are leveled-up through advanced individual or group projects and encouraged participation in competitive events within their chosen pathways. We ignite the spark of creative energy and potential within our students by specializing our content to meet their individual passions and goals.

  • DaVinci (7th, 8th)

    Our Da Vinci Tinkerers become leaders within their chosen pathways through taking complete ownership of their projects and developing teamwork skills. Our students are encouraged to explore future career options and supercharge their character development with exciting projects and activities that enable the development of professional skills through fun tinkering and learning.



  • Game Design

    Game Design courses are designed to teach tinkerers the basics of game design, learn programming and development codes, and how to tell stories through creating their own computer games!

  • Electronics

    Electronics courses are built to teach tinkerers all the basics of electrical and physical phenomena such as voltage, current, electrical circuits, and more to help learners explore and understand the inner workings of technology!

  • App Development

    App Development courses are built to teach tinkerers how to communicate with computers, tablets, and phones through coding and then learn how to make their own simple apps!

  • Robotics

    Robotics courses are designed to teach tinkerers engineering principles and how to use engineering design processes to create their own robots and then program the robots to complete missions!

Program format

  • After-school enrichment

    After-school programs and events are offered at techJOYnT learning centers and in satellite locations within the community. All GEAR programs are offered during after-school times throughout the week. Check out our programs catalog and our events calendar to find an after-school program located near you.

  • Seasonal camp

    We provide day camps to your tinkerer during all school breaks, so you do not have to worry about taking time off work and your child gets to engage in joyful STEM learning experiences. Each camp offering applies tinkerers classroom learning to hands-on projects that allow them to see their academic knowledge in action!

  • Home-school enrichment

    Give your homeschooled child an opportunity to practice project-based STEM learning courses and activities and access to mentoring from today’s professionals through our pro programs and events customized for homeschool learners!

  • Mobile lab for school


Offered in

  • Fall

  • Spring

  • Summer

  • Winter