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    Help give our students the opportunity to utilize the hands-on skills they learn with techJOYnT in competitions by sponsoring our teams! Also give your employees a day to regroup as a team with our team retreats and development training!
  • Has your business ever sponsored a sports team? Well here at techJOYnT we have a different kind of sports team; STEM Sport Team! As a business or organization you can sponsor our kids in the different competitions they participate in. Not only do you get to help the students be apart of these events, it promotes your business too! 

  • As a corporation or organization, you can get custom made courses made for your company. techJOYnT offers course & curriculum development, tailor-made to your specifications inside our GEAR platform. We have done this for organizations like Circuit Scribe, where we created curriculum for them around their rather unique product.

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    As an outside corporation or business, you can use our space as a during the day retreat for your employees! Utilize the time to train your employees in a new subject, or a company retreat! You could even give your employees a fun team building exercise, like building and programing a robot together!

    • Our students were very engaged in this program. Attendance and participation were really great. When the program ended, the students were disappointed. There have been several who have asked, if we can offer this program again.

      TERESA M.
      Crutcho Public Schools
    • Ava is more satisfied with her life belonging to techJOYnT. She feels like she belongs to a unique club that helps her learn and have fun at the same time.

    • I think what they enjoyed most was the development of their own projects. Having something tangible at the end of the program really helped in showing them what their hard work accomplished. I would also like to thank you and the techJOYnT team personally for making the program an amazing experience!

      Neil Plemons
      Metro Technology Center
    • Jose never wants to leave techJOYnt. It has become the place where he learns, plays and has created such a special relationship with other kids and the instructors.

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