Team techJOYnT

  • Meet Our Staff

  • Our staff consists of three teachers and one assistant with experience in early childhood care.

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    • Ray Shaik

      Ray Shaik


      Ray Shaik is the founder and CEO of techJOYnT. He created the company, because he realized the need for STEM based, hands-on, education for elementary and middle school kids. He majored in mechanical engineering. He also helps instruct the kids through the GEAR platform, and helped implement our online learning system.

    • JP Tugirimana

      JP Tugirimana


      JP Tugirimana is an instructor at techJOYnT. He teaches STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) courses to students between 6 and 17 years old. JP received his computer engineering degree from Oklahoma Christian University, and he has been teaching engineering and technology professionally since 2013.

      JP has an extensive background in educating students in various settings, like in-school classes, after school programs, camps, science events, and conferences. His experience involves collaborating with parents, teachers, school administrators, and other educators at public and private schools, after-school institutions, technology centers, museums, and libraries.

      Apart from teaching classes, JP designs course curricula, provides professional development trainings to educators, and does educational consultancy.

    • Dorys Moreno
      HR & Finances

      Dorys Moreno

      HR & Finances

      Dorys Moreno works on administrative and human resources for techJOYnT. She helps facilitate all of techJOynT’s events, programs, and camps.


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