techJoYnT’s Aftershool Robotics Program Successfully Engages Oakdale Students

“Oakdale students picked up on robotics very quickly,” said Bryan Sekine, techJoYnT instructor. “By the second week, we already had a few teams that have completed an objective and by week 4, almost every team has completed multiple objectives.”

Students range from grades Pre-K through the 8th grade and are attending an eight-week Robotics program that takes place afterschool. “Kids learn how to work in teams and how to manage a project from start to finish,” said Ray Shaik, techJoYnT’s founder. “The skills they learn today will prove valuable throughout their lives. And, because they are learning science in a hands-on way, they are having fun.”

The robotics program is filling a critical need in Oklahoma’s shortage of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education. According to the national Afterschool Alliance, participants in STEM programs show increased school attendance, improved grades, as well as higher rates of high school graduation and college attendance.

“Oklahoma’s current and future economy depends on a strong STEM-skill workforce,” said Cedric Curren Moore, Director of STEM Initiatives at the Oklahoma Afterschool Network. “Our energy, aerospace, health and agriculture sectors are only a few of the industries driving our economic growth and competitiveness.”

techJoYnT Academy will be implementing the Oklahoma Afterschool Quality Standards (OAQS) to their eight-week Robotics program at Oakdale Public Schools. The standards were developed through a statewide consortium of leaders in the field of youth development. In addition to reassuring parents and investors of the quality of after-school programs, the standards also provide guidance for programs to assess their strengths and identify opportunities for improvement.

“As someone who works in the technology field every day, I know how critical it is that students get exposure and training in this area as early as possible in order to be competitive in the global workforce. Technology is an integral part of our everyday lives, and for younger generation, it will be even more so. There is quite a buzz in the Oakdale community about the new afterschool techJoYnT program.” – Sean Adler, Director of Operation at DATAWARD, an Oklahoma City bases business providing cloud-based solutions for local businesses

Anyone interested in starting an after school program at their local school (for robotics or game design) is encouraged to contact Ramier (Ray) Shaik, to schedule a time to visit during the Oakdale after school session. Please email all inquiries to ray(at)techjoynt(dot)com.

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